Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reasons to Love Otters

Happy New Year! I am quite saddened that I haven't written a blog since 2013! This is awful news. I was thinking about what to blog and I've decided on my favorite animal: otters!

Otter friend I drew with my Samsung Galaxy Note III

They are just the cutest little creatures I've ever seen. I fell in love with them when Good Morning America had some baby otters on their show a couple of years ago. I'm also happy to report that otters are becoming more and more loved every day. Even just a few months ago if I Googled "otters," I would be faced with the same 25 pictures over and over again. Now, go ahead, Google them and let your eyes feast on the abundance of precious, furry, water babies!

Here are some personal reasons why I love otters, and why you should too ;)

*They are super playful! They spend a lot of time sliding on mud or ice.

*As I said before, they're a-flippin-dorable.

*They eat seafood, and as a true Cape Codder, I love me some clams!

*Otters are excellent swimmers, obviously, and swimming is so wonderful for the body and soul.

*JK Rowling's favorite animal is an otter. Let the record show that I did not know this until AFTER I fell in love with them, so I'm not being a copy cat. And yet, having the same favorite animal as my hero is pretty magical.

*Yet another Potter reference: Hermione's Patronus is an otter, what what!

*Last one: Ron's last name is Weasley...weasel...otters are weasels...there you go.

*Their brown fur looks perfect against the blue-green hue of the ocean

*Otters have the best memes. End of story.

*Webbed paws. Need I say more?

*They hold hands while sleeping in the water so they don't float away from each other. Yes this is true! And while looking this up to make sure this wasn't just another Pinterest rumor, I found this fantastic website with so much information on Sea Otters and this one on River Otters, YAY!

*One of the best things about Otters though, is that they are making a huge comeback! The National Wildlife Federation stated that their habitats have been restored and that scientists are returning them to the places they used to live.

*Also, my cat reminds me of them.


I hope you liked my happy little rant of the happy little mammals that make me jump for joy. How do you feel about otters? What is your favorite animal and why? Let me know in the comments!!

Have a happy and stress-free week!