Saturday, February 1, 2014

J. K. Rowling Comments on Ron and Hermione's Relationship

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Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard that in a recent interview, J. K. Rowling admits that she regrets Ron and Hermione's relationship. She stated that she wanted the books to end up in the way she originally planned and that it was more for her own personal reasons to have the pair end up with each other. Obviously, there have been millions of fans crying their eyes out and smashing the nearest breakables upon hearing the confession. Despite that, I can't say that I was one of them.

Do I think Ron and Hermione are compatible? Yes. I think they are the epitome of "opposites attract." Hermione has always been the one to keep him in line (except for that dreadful time in book 6) and Ron is the one who keeps things light and not too serious. On the other hand, Jo admits in this interview that Ron and Hermione would eventually need relationship counseling. Though it almost sounds like their relationship falls apart, it also shows that they are fighters and they're not afraid of putting their whole hearts into making it work. Also, they're still together in the epilogue. Boom.

Do I cry every time I see or read about their first kiss? Of course I do, who doesn't? Although, I'm also known to cry over episodes of Modern Family. But JUST because I'm an easy crier, doesn't mean I don't cherish their love for one another. When you think about it, they really do have a classic, pure, and timeless love story

Yes, Ron and Hermione are cute, but even when I was young, I was not that impressed with Ron. I always hoped that Hermione would end up with Harry. I was sure Jo would grant my wish at the end of Goblet of Fire when she kissed him on the cheek. All I could think of was, "this is it!!" and of course, it wasn't.

Anyway, what do you all think? Are you heartbroken? Did you have a feeling of "Duh Jo, what took you so long?!" Are you indifferent? Who would you choose for Ron and Hermione? I'm not sure who'd be a perfect match for Ron, but Hermione, girl you know what I think!


Smart, nerdy, and a quiet warrior: Neville Longbottom. Both of them started out as dorks and they both ended up outstandingly beautiful. Neville and Hermione also have two of the biggest hearts in all the series. How could you go wrong? Also, they would have some gorgeous babies.


"I have a hard time seeing people get so furiously angry over this situation. 

For example, haven't you ever made a mistake that you regretted? It seemed all well and good at the time, but when you're older and wiser, you realize you should have made another choice. We may have all read the books, time and time again, yet Harry's head is the only one we've ever been inside. We don't know what goes on inside Ron's and Hermione's; and even though we have seen Harry's thoughts, we most definitely haven't seen all of them. 

Jo is the only one who has.

She is Harry. She is Ron. She is Hermione. Maybe in the time she's had to reflect, she understands that Hermione and Ron would no longer make each other happy they way they wanted or the way they thought. I wish people would treat it more like Ron and Hermione announcing a break up instead of Jo trying to rewrite the books (because that's not what she is doing at all). Once again, she is giving a voice to the characters we all love and have grown up with to say how they're feeling these days. Yes it's sad, but it's not Jo's fault.

I refuse to believe this is a cry for attention or publicity stunt. If there is anyone who would never NEED one, it's her. Really the only thing that bothers me is that people are getting so angry about it." 

Tell me what you think!! Potter on ;)