Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your New Favorite Dessert

I have always had a HUGE sweet tooth. One of my more recent Sweet Loves (past 5 years) is Nutella!! Seriously, who doesn't love Nutella? It's the perfect mixture of chocolate, hazelnut, and paradise in a little, tiny jar. I have a whole Nutella Board on Pinterest for crying out loud.

Nutella goes great with just about anything. I've tried it with bananas, pretzels, graham crackers, green apples, english muffins, Ritz crackers, a Nutella and jelly sandwich, in hot chocolate, on a crepe, I mean the list goes on and on. I have to admit, my favorite combination is with strawberries! I thought strawberries and chocolate were good, but Nutella beats it by a mile! I have a certain way I like to make my strawberries and Nutella, so here it is!

Chop the strawberries how ever you would like to eat them

Put the Nutella in a plastic bag, seal it, and let it sit in hot water. This picture was taken after it was already melted a little bit

When it's sitting you might need to mush it up, depending on how hard it was originally

Finally, cut a TINY piece of the corner of the bag, and drizzle it over your chopped strawberries.

Enjoy!! This is a pretty simple idea, but it's one of my favorites. Let me know how yours come out. I'd love to hear any of your Nutella creations, too!


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