Friday, June 21, 2013

I Love Field Trips

...Especially when that field trip is on a Whale Watch! Being a true Cape Codder, I LOVE being on the water. Though my parents never owned a boat while I was growing up, I've still been around and adored them my whole life.

Thursday, June 20, I got to accompany some students on a 7th and 8th grade Whale Watch trip and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures. I wish I could share the pictures of the kids, they were so beautiful! Alas, that is highly against school we won't be doing that.

Here you can see a Minke Whale next to another Whale Watch in the distance. I liked the comparison you are able to make since it's right next to the boat.

No sea creatures in this one, I just loved the boat and the reflection of the cloud on the water

A Minke Whale friend who was mere feet from our Whale Watch! Stellwagen Bank #CapeCod

There she blows! A Minke Whale in Stellwagen Bank #CapeCod

This is a 30 ft Basking Shark. He got right up next to us, you'll see in a couple pictures from now. #CapeCod

A clearer picture. The white under his nose is his mouth wide open. Since Basking Sharks don't have teeth, they take in krill from the water to eat. #CapeCod

This guy got pretty friendly! You can see the railing of the boat on the left-hand side of the picture. Basking Shark, Stellwagen Bank. #CapeCod

In the distance, the building on the left is Race Point Lighthouse in Provincetown, MA, and the tiny grey-ish rectangle to the right is Pilgrim Monument, also in Provincetown. I really love the clarity and texture of the water, so beautiful.

A friendly boater living the life near Sandy Neck on Cape Cod, MA.

Sandy Neck Lighthouse, Cape Cod, lucky are we to live in such a beautiful place?!

Ahhhh these pictures make me feel so happy! I am so lucky to live in an area filled with such gorgeous, natural sights. 

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